Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins adalah pembicara sukses. Anda tentu sudah pernah mendengar buku karyanya yang menjadi Best Seller: Awaken The Giant Within. Buku ini mengungkapkan bahwa dalam diri setiap orang ada raksasa yang tersembunyi. Raksasa ini harus dibangunkan dari tidurnya maka sukses dan super sukses bisa dicapai.

Paket CD Audio Anthony Robbins (mp3, bahasa Inggris)

  1. Awaken The Giant Within (6 sesi)
  2. Decision that Ensures your Success (1 sesi)
  3. Unlimited Power (1 sesi)
  4. Personal Training System (4 sesi)
  5. Get The Edge Series (80 sesi)
  6. Mastering Influence series (61 sesi)
  7. Lesson in Mastery series (71 sesi)
  8. Body You Deserve series (20 sesi)
  9. Live with Passion series (62 sesi)
  10. Personel Power + Personal Success series (54 sesi)
  11. Power Talk series (61 sesi)
  12. Power to Influence (6 sesi)
  13. Power to Shape Your Destiny (61 sesi)
  14. Time of Your Life series (14 sesi)
  15. Unleash the Power Within series (60 sesi)
  16. Bonus : Five Steps to Positive Thinking
  17. Bonus 3 Ebook : Awaken Giant Within (bhs Indonesia dan Inggris), Personal Power, Unlimited Power

Harga paket audio Anthony Robbins Rp 200.000.

Buku Motivasi Anthony Robbins

1) Mastering Influence Workbook
A 10 day system for strengthening your emotional impact and increasing your sales
Ifluence affects everything about us. It really comes down to our emotional connection with ourselves and others and thereby affects our career, our finances, how we raise our children, and even how we treat our bodies. Those who master the art of influence have the ability to move people emotionall and tremendously impact what the do. The person who influences is also a person who contributes beyond him/herself an d become a true leader. This 10 days sistem is designed to help you become a master influencer in all areas of your life. Mastering Influence is about learning timeless strategies for increasing your sales. As its core, however, this program is designed to help you increase the quality of your life, discover new distinctions, and implement innovative ways to creat more possibilities.
– 102 halaman dalam bahasa Inggris
– gratis 31 halaman Mastering Influence Power Tools
– harga Rp 100.500

2) Rapid Planning Method Quick Start Guide/RPM Life Management System (Anthony Robbins)
RPM is a revolutionary breakthrough in time and life management. This RPM System will help you gain clarity about what’s truly most important to you, empower you with the tools and skills to produce results, and create balance by giving you more time for what really matters in your life. As you begin to incorporate the RPM system into your daily life, you will make giant strides toward creating a life of everlasting joy, happines, fulfillment, and success. Designed to help you get maximum benefit from RPM as soon as possible, this RPM quick start guide provides many helpful tools to help you create an outstanding life.
– 42 halaman dalam bahasa Inggris
– bonus kesimpulan dalam bahasa Indonesia 6 halaman
– harga Rp 40.500

Info &Pemesanan paket cd motivasi dan buku Anthony Robbins hubungi:

Nang Dara
SMS/Telpon: 081973178478
Pin BBM : 27FEDBB3
YM : nang_dara

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